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Products to Reduce the Transmission of Virus such as Covid-19 in Educational Settings

Hands free door opener

Installing Hygienic Handles in your educational setting makes sure hands (both staff and students) never need use a door handle and reduce the risk of indirect transmission of virus such as Covid-19 (via touching contaminated surfaces).


What are Hygienic Handles?

Hygienic Handles are a new hands free door opener solution that can be retrospectively fitted onto a wide range of doors in your school. The range enable doors to be easily opened with your foot or arm, reducing the amount of frequently touched surfaces in your school. 

The handles can be quickly and easily fitted to most existing doors, including classroom doors, external doors, staff room doors.


Hands free door opener

Why should I fit Hygienic Handles? 

During a school day, doors will potentially be opened and closed hundreds of times by pupils and staff. The challenge faced by many educational establishments and workplaces is how to reduce the spread of viruses on frequently touched surfaces such as these.  

Options for doing this currently include additional cleaning, propping doors open, remote / hands free operation of doors and placing stickers on doors reminding people of the unseen dangers.  These options all have pros and cons in terms of expense and practicality. 

Hygienic Handles are a long term, cost effective further step towards creating a safer environment as well as inspiring confidence to the staff, parents and the wider school community.

  • Available for both latched and non-latched doors 
  • Can be fitted to internal and external doors
  • Coated in silver ion paint which neutralises viruses over time

How are they fitted and operated?

Each option can be fitted with the minimum of time (usually 10 mins per handle) by the schools handyman/ estates officer and we offer a wide range of Hygienic Handles for different door types (latched and unlatched). The foot slide option is used for non latched doors and the arm latch option is used for latched doors. All are easy to operate by pupils and staff.

Visit our Videos page for more information

Videos page - Hygienic Handles

Made in the UK by Astor-Bannerman, who have been manufacturing specialist hygiene equipment for the SEN sector for over 20 years, the range of solutions from Hygienic Handles is innovative, simple to use and reduces the risk of indirect transmission.


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