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Hands-free door operation for Public Sector Buildings


Hands free door opener

As Government look to resume further operations; many officers have the ambiguous task of making building modifications, providing adequate PPE and adjusting working hours to help improve personal safety for all. Measures now include disposable PPE, alterations to floor plans and staggered shift patterns to reduce contact between people.


Notorious for high footfall - serious thought must be given to help protect both staff and members of the general public whilst working and visiting site. Additional consideration must be given to areas of high traffic such as corridors/ meeting rooms and toilet facilities. A key area for transmission in the workplace is via door handles due to the shared number of users.


Research has shown Coronavirus can survive for up to 9 days on door handles*


In order to reduce contact with door handles- consider ‘Hands- Free’ door operation. A main reason for the spread of coronavirus is due to people touching contaminated surfaces and transferring to their face/ nose/ mouth

Installing Hygienic Handles helps to promote ‘Hands-free’ door operation offering the following benefits:


  • Limit hand contact on door handles and promote arm / foot operation
  • Finished in silver-ion paint to kill bacteria and deactivate viruses over time
  • Encourage personal safety with Hygienic Handle information signs on each door


A range of hands free door opener handles are available for latched and non- latched doors designed to fit retrospectively on to existing lever handles, vertical door pulls and those with simple push plates transforming the doors to ‘hands-free’ operation.


Hands free door opener


They can be fitted in minutes by the facilities teams and along with additional safety stickers requesting they are used; it is clear to see these measures in place for personal safety 24/7- helping to protect both staff and the general public.


Made in the UK- Hygienic Handles form part of the Astor Bannerman Group; who have been manufacturing specialist hygiene equipment  for over 20 years