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Hands free door opener


New product added to the range - The Pad Handle


Designed to fit pad style handles commonly found in motorway services, petrol stations, secondary schools, security doors and industrial estates up-down the country. The Pad handle is a hands free door opener, a great addition to the range and further helps create covid-secure spaces across the UK.



Hands free door opener      


Hands free door opener


  • The handle is manufactured in stainless steel ideal for exposed outdoor environments and can be additionally anti-microbial silver-ion coated to provide a secondary hygiene barrier

  • The handle is easy to install and is attached to the door with hex screws and a rubber cushion to ensure a secure fit.

  • Allows users to open the door without using their hands.

  • Fit and forget product* - The handles are a low cost and require almost no maintenance.

  • Weight: 475 grams / Width: 60mm / Height: 250mm
  • Options: Stainless Steel / Silver-ion coated
  • Pack Quantities: Single / Pack of 10

*When fitted correctly.


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