Arm Handle Pull - Silver Anti-microbial - Single

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Open a door with your forearm... no need to touch the handle.

Coronavirus can live for up to 9 days* on a door handle according to new reports.
  • Pull open any unlatched door without your hand touching the handle
  • Hygienic adaptation to your current door handle
  • Finished in anti-microbial/ anti-viral paint (silver ion technology)
  • Prevents transfer of a virus or bacteria to your hands
  • Simple installation onto a door pull handle
  • Made in the UK

Click here to download the datasheet

Designed for use on existing handles up to 24mm in diameter.

For larger handles, please contact the sales team for alternative options 01242 820 820





  1. What is a Covid-secure / Covid-compliant office? 
    A Covid-secure or Covid-compliant office has been adapted to minimise the risk of cross-infection of Covid-19. Layout is important to maintain social distancing and Hygienic Handles can be installed to reduce the risk of the spread of a virus from person to person via a door handle.

  2. How to Hygienic Handles prevent the spread of Coronavirus? 
    Hygienic Handles prevent the spread of Coronavirus by eliminating hand to handle contact. Touching a door handle with your forearm significantly reduces the risk of cross-infection.

  3. Can Hygienic Handles be fitted to any door? 
    Hygienic Handles can be adapted to all latch door handles and pull doors. Hygienic Handles are  developing new products so please contact us if you have a challenge!

  4. How are Hygienic Handles fitted? 
    The Arm Handles are fitted in less than 5 mins with an allen key and spanner to any door with the fitting kit included with the handle. The Foot Handle takes 10 mins to fit with a screwdriver and  a drill... Click here for a short video to show you how to install the product.

  5. What’s included in the pack?
    Cup/Wing/Pull Handles - 4 X 20mm screws, 4 X 12mm screws, 4 X nuts, 8 X washers, and rubber inserts.

    Foot Handles – 3 X screws, 1 X 20mm bolt and sleeve nut.

  6. How do the rubber inserts work?
    To allow fitting to a variety of handles rubber inserts are provided, placed between the door handle and the hygienic handle as required.

  7. Shipping costs
    We have a standard flat rate of £5 for orders under 15 units and £15 charge for orders over that. For larger orders of 100 or more units, please contact the sales team for a quote.

  8. Returns Policy
    Customers have the right to cancel their order within 14 days, unless the order value is under £42.00. If the order has been delivered and you wish to cancel the goods must be returned in original condition and at your own cost, Astor-Bannerman accepts no responsibility for items returned until reaching our warehouse. 

  9. Signage
    Door signage is supplied with the handles. However, additional stickers can be ordered by contacting the sales team.

    Hygienic Handles - Door Signage For Hands Free Handles and Foot Handles